Rai the hedgehog
We need more time to make this machine! —Louie

This page is under construction. Some sections are incomplete.

Rai is the sol counterpart of Rey


He is a pyromancer,so he can control fire,and has some minor chaos powers


he is weak to water,obviously


fire galm:a heavy blade that can send out waves of fire


he looks like rey,except he is red,has pliot goggles,wears grey jeans,has grey and red gloves and his shirt is red


Cody the solhog

All of josh's friends

Josh the hedgehog

all of Cody's friends


Cody the solhog

Rey the hedgehog


Mavelont Rai

Mavelont Cody


Main Forms

Burning Rai - Activated using the sol emeralds

Inferno Rai - Activated using the sun emeralds(super sol emeralds)

Other Forms

Rai shogun - Activated using the shogun gauntlet and the inferno disk

Main Earthbound Forms

Starman Rai - Activated using the Starman melody

Time patrol Rai - Activated using the Time melody

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