This is the Multiplayer section of Josh & Jack's All Star Battlers. You can find here the starter characters & the conditions on how to unlock the other unlockable characters. You can also find here the conditions on how to unlock various items, valuables, etc.

To unlock other characters or options, Ring Points are needed.

About Ring Points

Ring Points are used for unlocking characters that needed to be unlocked with certain RP amount. They can be acquired when you defeat opponents in Story Mode. If you play in Easy Mode, you can only earn less Ring Points. When in Hard Mode, you can earn lots of Ring Points.


  1. Starters - I
  2. Unlockable - O
  3. DLCs - X
  4. Italicized characters are only playable in Versus Mode.
  5. Underlined characters aren't playable in any mode. They are known as side-bosses.

JTH's Characters

  1. The Ancient Leaders
    1. Josh the Hedgehog - I
    2. Thomas the Echidna - I
    3. Jetris the Hedgehawk - I
    4. Louie the Fox - I
    5. Arthur the Hedgehog - O (Defeat him in Story Mode as any Ancient Leader except Arthur)
    6. Jameskie the Hedgehog - O (Defeat him in Story Mode as Jess the Hedgehog)
  2. The Ancient Queens
    1. Yuki the Hedgecat - I
    2. Sara the Echidna - O (Beat the whole Story Mode as Thomas the Echidna)
  3. Alice the Cat - O (Defeat her in Story Mode as Josh the Hedgehog)
  4. Sandy the Cat - O (Acquire 270 Ring Points in Story Mode)
  5. Jess the Hedgehog - I
  6. Rey the Hedgedragon - I
  7. Jonathan the HedgeReploidFox - O (Defeat Commando Man or Magma Man in Story Mode as any character)
  8. Koji the Shock Fox-Bat - O (Defeat him in Story Mode as Rey the Hedgedragon)
  9. Raven the Flamehog - O (Defeat him in Story Mode as Koji the Shock Fox-Bat)
  10. The Major Ancienthogs
    1. Aero the Wind Ancienthog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty as Josh the Hedgehog)
    2. Pyro the Fire Ancienthog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty as Louie the Fox)
    3. Aqua the Water Ancienthog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty as Thomas the Echidna)
    4. Terra the Earth Ancienthog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty as Jetris the Hedgehawk)
    5. Cryo the Ice Ancienthog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty as Noah the Hedgehog)
    6. Fulmino the Electric Ancienthog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty as Arthur the Hedgehog)
  11. The 4 Royal Knights
    1. Diamond the Hedgehog - I
    2. Spade the Echidna - I
    3. Heart the Cat - I
    4. Clover the Bat - I
  12. Equera Empire
    1. Dr. EggRey - O (Defeat him in his Equera Jupiter in Story Mode as any character)
    2. Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog - O (Acquire 400 Ring Points in Story Mode)
    3. Skyflame the Hawk - O (Acquire 350 Ring Points in Story Mode)
    4. Platinum the Mineralhog - O (Defeat him in Story Mode as Silvold the Mineralhog)
    5. Copper the Mineralhog - O (Defeat him in Story Mode as Golver the Mineralhog)
    6. Ultra Elemental-J Set - O (Acquire 420 Ring Points in Story Mode)
    7. Aeron the Hedgebat - O (Acquire 600 Ring Points in Story Mode)
    8. Neon the Hedgehog - O (Acquire 460 Ring Points in Story Mode)
  13. Equera the Dark - O (Defeat him in Story Mode as Josh the Hedgehog)
  14. Reff the Ghosthog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty as any Ancient Leader)
  15. Bluefire the Skunk-cat (resurrected version) - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in any difficulty as Frost the Skunk-cat or Scorch the Skunk-cat)
  16. The Celestial Entities
    1. Celestia the Hedgehog - O (Acquire 1000 Ring Points in Story Mode)
    2. Solar the Hedgehog - I
    3. Lunar the Hedgehog - I
  17. The Shining Mine Brothers
    1. Golver the Mineralhog - I
    2. Silvold the Mineralhog - I
  18. The Elemental Skunks (JTH) - X (Have a DS Lite)
    1. Scorch the Skunk-cat (JTH)
    2. Aqua the Skunk (JTH)
    3. Synthesia the Skunk (JTH)
    4. Frost the Skunk-cat (JTH)
    5. Chronia the Skunk (JTH)
    6. Gaia the Skunk (JTH)
    7. Ergonia the Skunk (JTH)
    8. Gravia the Skunk (JTH)
    9. Feronia the Mineral Skunk (JTH)
    10. Arachnia the Skunk (JTH)
    11. Protonia the Skunk (JTH)
    12. Luminia the Skunk (JTH) 
    13. Aera the Skunk (JTH)
    14. Arcania the Skunk (JTH)
    15. Technia the Skunk (JTH)
    16. Necrotia the Skunk (JTH)
    17. Yamiphagia the Skunk (JTH)
    18. Lumberia the Skunk (JTH)
    19. Zoologia the Skunk (JTH)
    20. Lodestonia the Skunk (JTH)
    21. Toxinia the Skunk (JTH)
    22. Healie the Skunk (JTH)
    23. Blazeshock the Skunk (JTH) 
    24. Cosmia the Skunk (JTH)
    25. Telekesia the Skunk (JTH) 
    26. Geonia the Skunk (JTH)
    27. Musania the Skunk (JTH) 
    28. Dittia the Skunk (JTH) 
    29. Ai the Skunk (JTH)
  19. The Centrifugal Gang - O (Defeat all of them in Story Mode as Josh the Hedgehog)
    1. Cryofuge the Hedgebat
    2. Pyrofuge the Hedgebat
    3. Aerofuge the Hedgebat
    4. Hydrofuge the Hedgebat
    5. Electrofuge the Hedgebat
  20. Magmalix the Koopa - O (Acquire 450 Ring Points in Story Mode)
  21. Electrobiolix the Protohog - X (Secret Hint: D....fe..t R....f i.. ...tor... .n.. In...s...e D.....i..c....y.. f....r.. ti....s)
  22. The Golem Guard Trio - O (Beat the Story Mode in Easy difficulty 2 times)
    1. Quake Golem
    2. Infernal Golem 
    3. Dark Golem
  23. Flare the Hedgedragon - O (Beat the whole Story Mode as Rey the Hedgedragon)
  24. Frigus the Hedgehog - O (Beat the whole Story Mode in Hard difficulty)

SB100's Characters

  1. Jack the Hedgehog - I
  2. Patricia the Skunk - I
  3. Jackbot Nega - I
  4. Combot Nega - I
  5. Spongebob the Hedgehog - I
  6. Patrick the Echidna - I
  7. Squidward the Fox - O
  8. Ed the Crocodile - I
  9. Edd the Chameleon - I
  10. Eddy the Bee - I
  11. The Piraka
    1. Reidak the Hedgehog - I
    2. Hakann the Hedgehog - I
    3. Vezok the Hedgehog - I
    4. Zaktan the Hedgehog - I
    5. Avak the Hedgehog - I
    6. Thok the Hedgehog - I
  12. Total Drama Characters
    1. Owen the Bear
    2. Gwen the Swallow
    3. Heather the Bat
    4. Duncan the Dingo
    5. LeShawna the Panther
    6. Geoff the Kangaroo
    7. Izzy the Chipmunk
    8. DJ the Rabbit
    9. Lindsay the Fox
    10. Bridgette the Dolphin
    11. Trent the Eagle
    12. Eva the Gorilla
    13. Harold the Chameleon
    14. Courtney the Cat
    15. Beth the Meerkat
    16. Cody the Hedgehog
    17. Tyler the Monkey
    18. Katie & Sadie the Pandas
    19. Justin the Hawk
    20. Noah the Bandicoot
    21. Ezekiel the Moose
    22. Alejandro the Echidna
    23. Sierra the Hedgehog
    24. Chris Mclean the Hedgehog
    25. Chef Hatchet the Turtle
    26. Cameron the Giraffe
    27. Lighting the Crocodile
    28. Zoey the Fox
    29. Scott the Weasel
    30. Jo the Echidna
    31. Mike the Hedgehog
    32. Dakota the Hedgehog / Dakota the Hybrid
    33. Anna Marie the Bat
    34. Brick the Echidna
    35. Sam the Albatross
    36. Dawn the Mongoose
    37. B the Tasmanian Devil
    38. Staci the Panda
  13. Mung Daal the Monkey
  14. Schnitzel the Gorilla
  15. Mr Krabs the Crab
  16. The Mobian Monsters
    1. Meltdown the Crocodile
    2. Xplode the Hedgehog
    3. Thunder the Echidna
    4. Corroder the Crab
    5. Rotor the Fox
    6. Drilldozer the Echidna
    7. Jetbug the Bee
    8. Nitroblast the Gorilla
    9. Waspix the Wasp
    10. Raw Jaw the Echidna
    11. Fangz the Wolf
    12. Scorpio the Scorpion
    13. Toxic Reapa the Chameleon
    14. Jawblade the Shark
    15. Splitface the Skunk
    16. Speeda Demon the Hedgehog
    17. Core Hunter the Gorilla
    18. Voltix the Cat
    19. Thornraxx the Wasp
    20. XT4 the Spider
    21. Pyrox the Bull
    22. Scarox the Spider
    23. Ogrum the Bear
    24. Bruizer the Echidna
    25. Aquagon the Crocodile
    26. Dragon Bolt the Dragon
    27. Frost Beast the Tasmainian Devil
  17. Chip & Skip the Hedgehogs
  18. Timon the Meerkat
  19. Pumbaa the Warthog
  20. Boggy B the Worm
  21. Mordecai the Jay
  22. Rigby the Raccoon
  23. The Rahkshi
    1. Turahk the Wolf
    2. Guurahk the Wolf
    3. Lerahk the Wolf
    4. Panrahk the Wolf
    5. Vorahk the Wolf
    6. Kurahk the Wolf
  24. Hank J. Wimbleton the Werehog
  25. Sanford the Echidna
  26. Mecha Deimos
  27. The Angry Birds
    1. Red Bird the Cardinal
    2. Blue Bird the Bluebird
    3. Yellow Bird the Canary
    4. Black Bird the Greater Antilles Bullfinch
    5. White Bird the Chicken
    6. Boomerang Bird the Toucan
    7. Big Brother Bird the Cardinal
    8. Orange Bird the Oriole
    9. Pink Bird the Galah
    10. Mighty Eagle the Eagle
  28. The War Monsters
    1. Congar the Giant Gorilla
    2. Kinecticlops the Giant One-Eyed Hedgehog
    3. Togera the Giant Lizard
    4. Titan Mecha Robo-47
    5. Preytor the Giant Mantis
    6. Raptros the Giant Dragon
    7. Agamo the Giant Echidna
    8. Magmo the Giant 4-Armed Mammoth
    9. Titan Metal Ultra-V
  29. The Giants
    1. Tree Rex the Giant Tasmainian Devil
    2. Titan Metal Bouncer
    3. Crusher the Giant Echidna
    4. Swarm the Giant Bee
    5. Hot Head the Giant Crocodile
    6. Ninjini the Giant Fox
    7. Thumpback the Giant Whale
    8. Eye-Brawl the Giant One-Eyed Bat
  30. Flapjack the Fox
  31. Captain K'nuckles the Crocodile
  32. Bubbie the Giant Whale
  33. Grim the Mobian Skeleton
  34. Dr. EggPlankton
  35. Jack-4 Commander
  36. Layla the FoxSkunk
  37. Kai the Hedgehog
  38. Zane the Gorilla
  39. Metal Jack
  40. Metal Patricia - I
  41. Tensai the Shark
  42. Fury the Tasmanian Devil
  43. The Serpentine
    1. Pythor the Anaconda
    2. Skales the Cobra
    3. Fangtom the 2-Headed Viper
    4. Skalidor the Boa-Constrictor
    5. Acidicus the Spitting Cobra
  44. King Pig the Pig
  45. Vezon the Hedgehog
  46. Clyde the Chameleon
  47. Professor Vulcan the Vulture
  48. SPARKY
  49. BlackSkull the Hedgehog
  50. Saber-Tooth the Shark
  51. Craig the Hedgehog
  52. Parkisha the Skunk
  53. The HenchCombots
  54. The Witch Sisters (a.k.a. Patricia's Sisters)
    1. Selina the Echidna
    2. Abby the Hedgehog
    3. Laura the Fox
    4. Jasmine the Bat
    5. Michelle the Cat
    6. Zoey the Rabbit
    7. Bessy the Skunk
    8. Molly the Bat
    9. Marsha the Bee
    10. Victoria the Bat
    11. Nina the Skunk
    12. Anna the Skunk
    13. Penelope the Skunk
  55. Brittney the Skunk Hybrid
  56. The Elemental Skunks (Spongebob100)
    1. FireBloom the Skunk
    2. Jessica the Skunk
    3. Ruby the Skunk
    4. Chill the Skunk
    5. Toki the Skunk
    6. Eartha the Skunk
    7. Nova the Skunk
    8. Space the Skunk
    9. Golda the Skunk
    10. Carola the Skunk
    11. Levina the Skunk
    12. Dawn the Skunk
    13. Sefarina the Skunk
    14. Magix the Skunk
    15. Sprocket the Skunk
    16. Libitina the Skunk
    17. Sable the Skunk
    18. Willow the Skunk
    19. Terexia the Skunk
    20. Margaret the Skunk
    21. Avisha the Skunk
    22. Reseda the Skunk
    23. Paige the Skunk
    24. Galaxy the Skunk
    25. Cree the Skunk
    26. Tara the Skunk
    27. Melody the Skunk
    28. Julie the Skunk
    29. Angel the Skunk
  57. Fred the Frog
  58. Mr. E the Hedgehog
  59. Agent Z the Skunk
  60. Sarah the Hedgehog
  61. Harry the Hedgehog
  62. Jake the Hedgehog
  63. Alex Acorn
  64. Ichabod the Rhino
  65. Tank the Rhino
  66. Blaineley the Skunk
  67. Chester the Crocodile
  68. Commando Man (RayxCreamMaker's adoptive character)
  69. Magma Man (RayxCreamMaker's adoptive character)
  70. Punk Man (RayxCreamMaker's adoptive character)

Meme / Max's Characters

  • Nega Josh/Supreme Nega (Beat story mode as any characters on insane difficulty to unlock them both)
  • Juri the fox (defeat her in the secret fight using Supreme Nega)

Assassin's Characters

  • Assassin the Hedgehog

James's Characters

  • Trinitro "James" Stropher
  • Richard the Canine
  • Tina the Lynx

Venom's Characters

Spider's Characters

  • Noah The Hedgehog
  • Target the Wolf

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