This page is a home for the forms to be seen in the game. Here's a list of all of the forms of other characters.


Josh the Hedgehog

Main Forms

  1. Static Form
  2. Rising Form
  3. Super Form
  4. Hyper Form
  5. Ultimate Form
  6. Infinity Form

Element Shifting Forms

  1. Pyrus
  2. Subterra
  3. Haos
  4. Aquos

Additional Forms

  1. Dextra Form
  2. Emperor Form
  3. Ventus (Rising) Form

Kamen Rider-like Forms

  1. Reploid Form
  2. MechSpade

Cody the solhog

Main forms

  1. Burning form
  2. Inferno form
  3. Solar form
  4. Ultima form
  5. X blade weilder

Dark Forms

  1. D Burning form
  2. D inferno form
  3. D solar form
  4. Omega form
  5. Evil X blade weilder

Paul the hedgehog

Main keyblades

  1. Kingdom key & Kingdom key D
  2. Astral blast & Abyssal Tide
  3. Abaddon plasma & Twilight blaze
  4. Oathkeeper & Oblivion

Jack the Hedgehog

Main Forms

  1. Super Form
  2. Hyper Form
  3. Ultimate Form
  4. Maxus Form

Elemental Forms

  1. Pyrus Form
  2. Haos Form
  3. Aquos Form
  4. Sub-Terra Form
  5. Ventus Form
  6. Darkus Form

Additional Forms

  1. Dragon Form
  2. Ogre Form
    1. Monstrous Ogre Form
    2. Dark Ogre Form

Patricia the Skunk

Main Forms

  1. Super Form
  2. Ultimate Form

Additional Forms

  1. White Witch Form

Noah the Hedgehog

Main Forms

  1. Super Form
  2. Cryo Form

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