Here's a list of Abilities from Josh & Jack's All Star Battlers. Some are only available in RPG, some in arcade & story mode.

Story & Arcade Mode


Josh the Hedgehog

Punch : Circle

Kick : Square

Sword Slash : Triangle

Charge : X

Shoot : (Circle - Left/Right Arrow) (depending on what direction you face the enemy)


Tachyon Combo : 2x Square > 3x Triangle

Tachyon Kick : Up Arrow > (1x Square - Right Arrow)

Zap Rifle Shooting : Down Arrow (Circle - Left/Right Arrow)

Ancient Gamma Blast : Up Arrow (Circle - Left/Right Arrow)

All Star Art: Tachyon System : (Down Arrow - Circle) L / R Button (depending on what direction you face the enemy)

Form Change (Ascend) : (X - Up Arrow)

Form Change (Elemental) : (X - L / R Button)

All Star Finisher : (X - Left or Right Arrow) (depending on what direction you face the enemy)

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