The Equera Empire is an empire of robots lead by the notorious doctor, Dr. EggRey. This empire grows stronger through the help of evil scientists, robots, evil Ancients as well, & dominators, employed by the founder himself. In Josh & Bakugan Battle Brawlers Season 2, it is called Equeratropolis.

Equera Empire


  • Evil Organization
  • Totalitarian Dictatorship


3234 (Mobius TL)


  • Altitude 1000 km over Diablodia HQ (destroyed)
  • Diablodia HQ (current)




Dr. EggRey (Emperor of the Equera Empire)


  • Eggman Empire
  • EggPlankton Empire


  • Intelligence Technology Systems
  • All Star Rebel Republic

Armed Forces

  • Equera Bots
  • Neo Equera Bots
  • ZECT Equera Bots (made from the blueprint of Josh's Reploid Form)


This was founded by Dr. EggRey at 3234. Also, this organization progressed since Josh's missions have been completed against EggRey. It had an alliance with the EggPlankton Empire. At 3235, it got nearly destroyed by Josh & his friends through their Super Forms.


The former HQ was found in outer space, but it was destroyed by Josh & his friends through their Super Forms. It was replaced with a larger HQ in Diablodia, a cursed continent.



  1. Doctor EggRey - Equera Emperor
  2. Doomsday "Neutro" Sparker - Overlord of the Empire
  3. Aeron the Hedgebat - Overlord Class I
  4. Platinum the Mineralhog - Overlord Class II
  5. Copper the Mineralhog - High Tyrant
  6. Neo Rey the Dark - Tyrant
  7. Skyflame the Hawk - Master Chieftain
  8. Ultra Rise-J - High Chieftain
  9. Ultra Pyrus-J - Chieftain
  10. Ultra Subterra-J - Metal Executioner Class I
  11. Ultra Haos-J - Metal Executioner Class II
  12. Ultra Darkus-J - Metal Executioner Class III
  13. Ultra Aquos-J - Metal Executioner Class IV

Notable Accomplishments

  • Equera Ex Machina
  • Equera Jupiter
  • Equera Aeratos
  • Equera Pyretos
  • Equera Fulminos
  • Equera Gaianis


Support Units

Infantry Units


Allied Organizations / Empires

  • Eggman Empire
  • EggPlankton Empire

Enemy Organizations

  • Intelligence Technology Systems
  • All Star Rebel Republic


  • EggTech Alliance (Equera Empire, Eggman Empire & EggPlankton Empire)


  • It has been one of the Eggmen Empires, being the second created, at 3234.
  • This empire has the fewest members.

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